Hodowla Bordercollie

Dear Ladies and Gentelman,

Our life are dogs. Our love are border collie.

With great pleasure I introduce you our family over life loving animals BorderGold Family.
A place of great friendship between a human and dog.

The plece of very big respect for animals.

Big and real friendship with Border Collie since 2002 year.

What does it mean to live without a dog….Without his true friendship and infinite love...Without eyes that look at you all the time…Dogs will do everything for you in return for praise, smile, hug or life without troubles. Exactly…To live iwith dogs is one of the most beautiful things I got in my life.

My story and life adventure with dogs started on the day I was born,when I met Ares, Kajtek, Aga, Czarek, a giant Schnauzer called Haga, bunnies and birds saved by my loveley parents and grandparents.

My history with wunderful border colie started in 2002 .I bought my own Border Collie female Pami that soon became the heart of my life. She was from the best kennel in Poland in that time, and from the best parents Aris z Cesalky and Carmen Czechmate, wunderfull pair of dogs.Aris was the first dog in Poland to be cerified of work and be certified of dog for herding sheep.I was looking only puppy from this kind of parents and with this kind of personality. Who know the history of border colie in Poland knows what I mean. Our unique bond, our days and time we spent together cannot be described in words. My lovely Pami show me absolutly unique emotions between human and dog, absolutly special and real friend, amazig and the best time we can spend with dog and she helped me so much understand behavior and emotions of the border colie. Then, we were both waiting for my little daughter Julia to be born. I can call it a BIG GIFT and GREAT PRIVILAGE because of true respect, friendship,sincere smile, help, empathy, patience and humility we shared with Pami. 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dogs taught me a lot in my life, I love when they follow me all day just to be with me. And I miss them very much even when they are right next to me….

It is a great pleasure that I can share my knowledge with you. I gained it through many years of work with dogs and longtimespenton learning how to understand, educate and traindogs. I truly believe that the most effective dog training involves establishing a unique bond between a dog and a human. It is the only way to acquire true satisfaction throughlearning, play and time you share.

I hope that I will be able to pass on my great passion for dogs to you. The best time for bonding starts when a dog is still a puppy because it the period of its intensive development, that is why, I chose training puppies as my specialisation.

Our work is Our passion, and Bordergold is a real place of true friendship between a human and a dog,which will last forever….

I warmly invite you to visit us.

mgr Izabella Stępniowska

mama i julia 3


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