Hodowla Bordercollie


BorderGold Border Colie.

Lets us thank dogs for true and wundreful smile of children and older people... Border Colies Dog Therapy...


DOG THERAPY FOR CHILDREN AND OLDER PEOPLE and for all those for whom closeness of the dog will bring great joy. Dog Therapy with wunderful border colies !!!


Dear Ladies and Gentelman,

I address these words to you not only as a qualified dogotherapist, but primarily as a fully conscious person who wants to help thanks to his great empathy and sensitivity, but above all thanks to the great friendship with a dog, thanks to the dog’s help that gives every day at least one smile for a child and at least one happier day for older people.

Dear Madam and Sir, both I and my faithful beloved companion dog (breed of Border Colie Bella) every day we start by a plan to whom we give a better day. And believe me, thanks to the dog everything becomes better and calmer ... forever.



Most cordially we invite you to the classes WITH DOG FOR CHILDREN:

  • Individual classes - arrival of dogotherapist with a qualified therapist-dog to the place of residence of the child or adult.
  • Individual classes - outside in a silent and pleasant garden of Bordergold Center.
  • Group classes -workshops for children with disabilities.

Workshops called "Me and my dog friend".

We invite to collaboration:

  • hospitals
  • small children orphanages
  • orphanages
  • all the children who have undergone traumatic event
  • child help centers
  • summer camps
  • summer play centre.


We also invite for therapeutic classes WITH DOG ADULTS AND OLDER PEOPLE. Iknow and I see every day how older people sitting in the park, smile at my dog, and their face is then so calm and joyful. I know how being with a dog helps a lot, and yet the dog is a very great responsibility that requires a lot of health and strength, which is why older people give up owning a dog .... but miss him a lot. And I know it ...

We invite you to group classes called"My dog – my life".

We invite to collaboration:

  • Retirement home.
  • Centers for disabled adults.
  • Hospitals
  • Centers for people with disabilities.
  • Individuals who want to give great joy to the older loved ones.
  • Individual classes are also possible.

All other requirements, proposals are feasible. Details to be determined during a phone call.

We provide you:

  • qualified therapists and dogs
  • warm, empathic and sensitive approach to every person.
  • conversation, patience, smile and understanding for everyone.

Thank you for the opportunity to help. For me and my beloved dog Bella as well as for our 10-year-old daughter, who helps with great respect for several years.... It means the most.

With regards, Bordergold’s Center and School staff.

Contact Dog therapy:

Izabella Stępniowska - Licensed dogtherapist accompanied by beloved assistant-dog Border Colie - Bella. For more information go to Coaches tab.