Hodowla Bordercollie



The hotel surrounded by beautiful nature.
The family-run hotel, full of great love and great respect for dogs.



Dear Madam and Sir.

We created this great family place because we know how hard it is to find a suitable person who has the knowledge and experience to take on a responsible task of caring for a dog. This place was founded as a result of our desire and passion to help those people who want their beloved dogs to be taken care of for a longer or shorter time for various reasons.

We perfectly know that finding such a place is very difficult and that is why we created it. We ourselves have our beloved dogs, the dogs accompany us in our everyday life for many years, which is a great reward for us for our honesty, respect, understanding and friendship for so wonderful animals as dogs.

We invite you to a place where your dog will try to smile despite the fact that you aren’t close, to the place full of good emotions for the dog, to the place where the dog is understood, to the place where we talk and spend time with the dog.

If it is only possible, I invite you to visit us a few days earlier before the planned leaving of the dog in the hotel, to be able to assess the standard of the hotel and the people with whom the dog will be staying.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We provide:

  • A big heart for your dog !!!!
  • Being with us 24 hours a day.
  • Going for walks a few times a day.
  • Feeding at a fixed time.
  • Running out and having fun, agility, depending on the arrangements with the owner and the breed and temperament of the dog.
  • Great, elegantly equipped interior where the doggies spend their time in the atmosphere of the old mansion. Only good moments are waiting there for the doggies. And remember, the dogs are always close to us.
  • Beautifully decorated bathroom for dogs.
  • Big garden.
  • Forests, meadows, a magnificent park and lake around.
  • Professional veterinary care if needed.
  • Continuous contact with the dog owner through e-mails with attached photos.
  • The dog stays among adults and a 10-year-old girl.

What we expect from you:

    your dog’s heath booklet.
    valid anti-rabies vaccination.
    if you are leaving a puppy, take documentation of your dog’s vaccination with you (it is also possible to transport your doggie for vaccination).
    current protection against ticks and fleas e.g. Advantix (documented in the health booklet), it is also possible to give it to your doggy on the spot.
    documented in the health booklet deworming tablets for dogs - valid date of application.
    dog leash, collar, blanket, your dog’s pet bed.
    own food for the dog, which the dog is used to. Please remember that every change of food can cause stomach problems or diarrhea. Possibility of feeding the dog on the spot, only the highest quality dry food Acana or Orijen.
    dog ownership document - refers to dogs with pedigree, otherwise owner’s declaration of being the dog’s owner.
    any information about the dog (diseases, allergies, fears, likes and dislikes).


Due to safety measures and because of your dog’s well-being, peace, security, lack of stress and disturbing situations WE DO NOT ACCEPT DOGS which are aggressive, sick or do not tolerate other dogs !!!!

While leaving two dogs for more than 5 days the price is established individually.

The price includes.

  • a big heart for your dog!!!
  • excellent conditions of stay – a garden, forests, meadows, lakes, parks
  • peace, warmth, family atmosphere, conversation with a dog, constantly being with a dog, mutual understanding.
  • 24-hour, full-day or hourly care, always being among people, fun, watching the behavior of the dog, in case of disturbing behavior immediate notification to the owner of the dog.
  • walks a few times a day.
  • feeding the dog with food supplied by the owner.
  • constant contact with the owner.

I warmly invite you to visit us. See you

Hotel BorderGold