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Border Collie Kennel
If you truly love animals, if you truly miss the little one at home, if you are patient and very
responsible, very caring and sensitive towards animals, if the puppy at home is for you the most
wonderful member of the family, which is not left for many hours going to work and which is fed
with the healthiest food, I invite you to read our website and contact us.
The only such litters in Poland. 

BorderGold Border Collie Poland ZKwP FCI.

Professional breeding of Border Collie dogs.  AUSTRALIAN, unique show line
Import of puppies Australia and Scotland.  The most famous Border Collie lines in the world, unique in Poland and Europe.  Border Collie legends around the world in our breeding farm.  Incredibly beautiful and family dogs.
Dog therapy - certified dog therapist, PuppyYoga - yoga classes with puppies, professional title of veterinary technician - insemination and reproduction of dogs.  owner of a dog hotel full of love and great respect for all animals, participant of many cynological trainings and workshops, adult dog training and a dog kindergarten.
Beauty, health and character are our dogs.  Passion, dedication, sacrifice and life with animals is what BorderGold Border Collie Poland Team is.
All the information
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Australian show line. The
finest family characters. Dog therapy line. Amazing dogs, full of great empathy, sensitivity and love for their family. Please read all the
reviews on Our kennel.Links below.
 You are welcome to book the little ones. AVAILABLE 1 girl and 1 boy from each litter.
Also available older dogs, junior - the most beautiful dog from the litter Australian line, the last
litter of Our female Hagen - that is a female who
flew to Us from Australia. Wonderfully rearedmost wonderfully socialised among a lot of dogs of di
fferent ages, from the 21st day of life on the healthiest BARF diet, wonderful, family character.All tests of parents. Very communicative oriented
towards people, loving, sensitive, caring. The breeder reserves the right to choose familly.
We have very amazing World lines Border Collies. NAHROF AUSTRALIAN LINE AND amazing progenes in  first generation of Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil "Cruise" very famous dog around the World. We have last litter of Cruise in our home and amazing boys and girls from this litter.
Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil x Locheil Madam Border "Sissi".
Amazing litter, very beautiful BOYS. Frosen semen is avalible for chossen breeders on my terms of course. We dont sell puppies for breeders who sell puppies for anather breeders. Only with soecially agreement and ONLY FOR CO-OWNERSHIP. 
If you are very responsible breeders around the World who very care about your own lines of dogs , who very understand who is very hobest, very responsible breeder and understand  my thinking and my conditions contact me. If you only thinking about money please never contact me.
 All available babies and other older already reared dogs in the Breed Menu , tab available puppies
OPINIONS ABOUT OUR BREED Facebook link below and further opinions in google reviews.link
TikTok Video Nickname: BorderGold_border_collie we invite you to watch beautiful videos of Our
babies and adult dogs.
Kennel reported to the District Veterinary Inspection. The veterinary identfication number of
BorderGold kennel is PL 24139911. The kennel has been inspected by the Veterinary Inspectorate
with very good results.
The kennel is registered with the Veterinary Inspectorate on the list of kennels permitted to export
dogs to the UK. The kennel is registered with the Veterinary Inspectorate and has been
The owner of the kennel has permission from the Veterinary Inspectorate to transport dogs in
Poland and Europe.
The kennel is registered with the Tax Inspection, where it is accounted for special departments of
agricultural production.
Get to know our Border Collie kennel and unique dogs with pedigree. The only one in Poland
prestigious Australian line Nahrof, imported from Australia.
In our kennel we focus primarily on
very responsible matings, which result in beautiful dogs with unique coat and amazing character.
Our Border Collie kennel has all the genetic tests, joint tests and necessary documents.
Thehistory of our kennel is long. Please visit the About Us section for more information.
Here we will introduce you only a part of it. Hagen, that is the name of the Border Collie bitch, which thanks to Mrs Lauren Sommer found
herself here in Silesia, in our kennel. It was an exceptional Australian Border Collie that joined the
army of our beloved and extremely clever Border Collie dogs.
In our kennel, we place particular emphasis on the health of the dogs, which manifests itself in a dense coat and the quality of the
hair, a strong head and bone and an extremely beautiful anatomy.
The Border Collie is called the smartest dog in the world not without reason. They are exceptional
creatures, recognised throughout the world as the most intelligent dog breed. They have an
extraordinary character. It is a dog that works well not only as a family dog, but simply as a friend
and life companion.
The Border Collie is a breed of dog that is very quick but also eager to learn, prone to training and
performing tricks. It is a faithful friend, family-loving, sensitive, travel-loving dog that captivates
the hardest hearts with its character.
Our line of dogs is special and unique because they are not only dogs who love to learn and enjoy
life, but they are simply life companions who allow us to relax peacefully and just be together.
Border Collie puppies
Border Collie puppies are born in our kennel from time to time. We are looking for exceptional
families for them, full of warmth and joy. Sensitivity and respect for animals is not without
ficance for us. We encourage you to make an appointment to meet and get to know our
kennel, dogs and puppies. We are happy to make personal appointments and you can
find the latest news on our Facebook page. We are starting to book Border Collie puppies for 2024. 
In our Border Collie kennel, we pay special attention to the upbringing and socialisation of our
dogs right from the tiny puppy.
As breeders, we accustom the puppies to sensory signals, i.e.many sounds and signals from the natural environment. This is extremely important for integration
into the environment and their proper development. Such preparation means that the future family
need not be afraid of possible socialisation problems.
In our family, rituals are extremely important, of which puppies and dogs are of course the most
important part. The organisation of time and life keeps the dogs safe and builds a framework in
which they are happy to find themselves. They therefore know when it is time to play, eat, toilet
and rest. The Border Collie is an extremely clever dog breed, so teaching puppies to pee in the
right place is fabulously easy.
At our Border Collie kennel, we provide the best nutrition for dogs using the BARF method. We
take care of quality walks, educational play runs and travel. We look for homes full of love,
understanding, empathy and sensitivity for our puppies
Dogotherapy Silesia
The Border Collie is a dog that is incredibly family and child-friendly, which is why our kennel in
Silesia also offers doga therapy, otherwise known as kynotherapy.
Dogotherapy is a unique method of supporting rehabilitation and development of children.
Everything is done with the help of a well-trained Border Collie therapy dog. Dogotherapy and
related activities for children can be recreational, educational or therapeutic. Therapeutic activities
with the Border Collie, produce extremely impressive results in the overall development of the
child.This is not only a great offer for parents who want to support their child's broader development,
but it is also an excellent idea for pre-school and semi-college activities. It is also a great
offer for community centres where activities are organised for children of di
fferent age ranges. We areopen for cooperation and invite you to contact us.
Kennel therapy allows you to catch a quick contact with an animal, to give it a tender touch and
Dogotherapy therefore has fantastic effects when working with the youngest children.
By motivating children to develop and acquire both motor and emotional skills, the dog plays an
extraordinary role in the therapy of children at different stages of development.
We welcome both developmental classes and holidays for children with dogs.
We are not an amateur kennel that has just two or three bitches and takes time off
from work to raise puppies. Our work and great passion in life is our breeding. WE ARE PROFESSIONAL 24
hours a day and we are with all Our dogs 24 hours a day and devote every moment to them.
To pedigree a dog and to mate responsibly in the breed is to get puppies with the most
characteristics we require.
The breeder has the RIGHT to CHOOSE the future best , most loving family where the WHOLE
FAMILY is very involved in the purchase of the dog. A dog is not a toy for children. It is not a gift
for Santa, from the Hare, for birthdays, etc.
We do not sell puppies to a home where there are small children, unless to a home with only
VERY RESPONSIBLE and sensitive children taught from the beginning to have great respect for
all animals and children who love all nature and all animals.
We do not sell puppies to homes where they stay alone for a long time. When raising our children,
did we leave them alone in the house for a good few hours!
We do not sell puppies because of temporary free time , because border collie fashion ,
quarantine , because of remote learning and work , and what later !?? A dog is not a toy ! No pet
is not a temporary whim! Please only contact people for whom the welfare of the animal is the
Exceptional dogs for exceptional families.
Parents of litters - exceptional, outstanding, phenomenal dogs with superb characters and
wonderful beauty, sensitive, loving, faithful, devoted, cheerful, polite and very wise.One of the
bitches that will become a Mom is a Certi fied Dogtherapy Assistant. She is a bitch with a
WONDERFUL CHARACTER, I can't describe how wonderful.All the bitches are exceptional,
devoted, faithful, loving. Fathers of litters are the most beautiful dogs from our kennel with
phenomenal characters. Parents of litters very loving children, poised, devoted to their owners,
very wise dogs, open to any kind of education. Dogs very attached to their families.
Feeding method for Border Collie dogs - BARF - what diet we use for our dogs
BARF - the healthiest diet for dogs.
All animals in Our kennel have been perfectly fed for 12 years - the healthiest Barf diet.
All dogs in our kennel have a set of very important and expensive genetic tests. Genetic tests-
CEA IGS MDR1 SN NCL TNS GG and joint tests. All information Our Facebook.
 The price depends on the line of parents. The Australian line is always unique and the price of a puppy follows.
The price for a dog unique baby dogoterapia agreed personally.
We do not sell puppies out of the country-except only to a wonderful family on
recommendation.Dog price set individually.
I always say that our dogs the only thing they can not speak ...unfortunately.
Puppies very energetic. The dog is NOT a surprise for children. It is a VERY RESPONSIBLE and
CONSIDERED DECISION OF THE WHOLE FAMILY. Border Collie puppies are very energetic, very
sensitive, full of emotion and empathy. They are taught at Our place great cuddling, kissing, still
nice words, warm tone of voice. And this is what they expect for the rest of their lives .Only for
families who have a lot of time and hearts full of patience and love to raise a new family member.
Only for families familiar with the breed.
Puppies raised and socialised in the best conditions, at home, amidst a lot of love and great
respect, with adults, children, animals of all ages, they get to know life with us every day. Puppies
from 4 weeks of age fed only with natural, healthiest food, that is raw meat and natural
supplements, so called BARF diet. This is also a condition for buying a puppy to be fed healthy,
raw meat and supplements in its new, lifelong home. This is one of the basic things that will give
us the chance of a long healthy life for the dog. All photos and information Facebook.
For puppies we are looking for VERY LOVING FAMILIES, full of love, heart, who will create the
most wonderful, responsible, loving families for the little ones forever, for better or for worse, in
health and in sickness, in happiness and in sad moments. They are creatures just like us, they feel
the same way and want our closeness forever.
The most important love and great respect.Very welcome people who want to professionally show
such beautiful dogs from Our kennel at dog shows.
Owners of the kennel - 19 years with such a wonderful breed. Our
rst border collie came to live
with Us in 2002.Owners Above ALL loving animals, VERY RESPONSIBLY choosing families for
Our puppies, it is the breeder who has the right to choose the future family. For Us the most
important thing is the most wonderful home for each little one and excellent contact with the
families of the little ones. The kennel owners are very helpful to new puppy families, always in
constant contact with the families - a condition in the contract and the kennel rules.
We have great contact with all puppy families. Please contact the future family with the breeder.
In our kennel you can also buy everything that is most important for your puppy: top-quality beds,
top-quality leashes and bowls in several very elegant colour versions to match any living room or
kitchen. Great travel bowls, excellent cosmetics, natural, very important supplements.
It is possible to pick up the puppy at the age of about 7 , 8 months, which is excellent
socialisation among many animals of different ages and the basic most important education and
experience of the breeder will allow for a courageous whole , further life of the little one. Price set
Despite the fact that we do not run a working or sporting line, I ask you IMPORTANT, please
remember that this is still a Border Collie and has its instincts of the breed, which will reveal itself
to a greater or lesser extent and you need to be familiar with the breed. Therefore, to be able to
enjoy a wonderful dog for a long life together, YOU MUST raise the dog VERY well and in addition
to great love and respect give the dog clear messages what we expect from him. This is a Border
Collie, which is a very clever dog that expects clear messages and a very clever handler. Usually
you when you come to us and we go for a walk together with a few dogs, so that you can see the
dogs, their behaviour, their education, their great devotion to me you say " God how polite they
are, how wonderful, how is it possible, etc".YES, it is true, but they are not like that by
themselves. I have raised them wonderfully and I have devoted a lot of time to them. And this is
also what I expect from the future families of my puppies. Otherwise, please choose another
breed or another kennel and give other families a chance to live with such a wonderful dog from
our kennel.
Any attempt to insult the kennel will be reported to the appropriate legal institutions.
We warmly greet you and invite you to contact only very loving families, longing to enlarge the
family with the most beloved baby from our loving BorderGold kennel.
Izabella & Łukasz BorderGold Team Poland With great love for animals.
Tel. +48 792 166 164