Hodowla Bordercollie

Dear Ladies and Gentelman.

Puppyhood is the most important time for dogs. Experiences at this time influence the  whole future life of the doggy, whether it will be joyful and full of fond memories or full of anxiety and fear.

It's also the best and most important time to create a strong bond between the dog and its owner. That's why I chose to specialize in training puppies. I raised several puppies in my adult life and I intend to raise even some of my own. There is nothing more beautiful for me than watching how wonderful results we achieve in working with the puppy, giving it smile and only good emotions.

I invite you to experience these moments with your beautiful dog. Together, full of joy we will observe your emotions, deepening of ties and great beginnings of obedience of your dog. If you are patient and consistent and most importantly - always with a smile for the dog - a dog will keep them forever.

We cordially invite you to the individual and group classes.

We invite you to workshops and educational courses on which we will share with you our knowledge about puppy socialization and upbringing, its nutrition, the introduction of good manners and everything that is very important for the puppy to grow up as a very polite, cheerful dog, which can be taken with you anywhere, and for whom leaving at home will be nothing else but an ordinary waiting for the return of its beloved owner.


All dogs must be dewormed and vaccinated. All dogs except puppies to 5 months old must be secured against ticks, fleas, e.g. with Advantix.

It is very important for the safety and health of each dog participating in our meetings as well as for peace of every owner who takes part in our meetings.

Please take with you to the first meeting the dog's health booklet, including documented by the vet vaccination and dates of dog deworming.